1. The team@VonNash has huge, indepth experience of creating & managing businesses, organiations, capital, brands & people. We leverage this expertise of ours to find simple, real life solutions for entites looking to grow & dvelop themselves and/or their organisations . by providing them our Management Consulting services.
    Our consulting services are cross functioal & across diverse industries. since our knowledge & experience spans every facet of management. However what is important for the customer is that they will get the best minds in their industry to work on their problems. Furthermore this highest level of expertise equivalent to & bettter than the big four sort of, will come at simple, affordable prices which you are accustomed to paying at your level. The consultancy services can be broadly grouped under these practices:

Strategy, Operations & Risk

Investment Banking & Finance

HR, Legal & Compliance

Manufacturing, Quality & SCM

Technology & Process Research

Liaison, CSR & Advocacy

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